Bill O’Reilly SLAMS Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for Race-baiting


Fox News host Bill O’Reilly condemned the head of the Democrat National Committee Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for her ignorance in smearing Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Recently, Wasserman-Schultz attacked Rubio for where he held a presidential fundraiser in Texas. The event was held at the home real estate investor Harlan Crow, a man with an extensive collection of historical artifacts, some involving World War II and the holocaust.

Wasserman-Schultz sent out an e-mail earlier this week that tried to link Rubio to the Nazi artifacts without acknowledging that the items are no less similar to a museum display.

O’Reilly hammered her for the out-of-context attack, calling it the “the biggest smear so far in the presidential campaign,” adding that she is truly ignorant and insane for going there, and suggesting Wasserman-Schultz immediately resign.

Watch O’Reilly’s strong condemnation of the Rubio attack below …

O’Reilly called Wasserman-Schultz’ attack a “new low in political discourse” … Until the next time she speaks.

Rubio blasted her for “political extremism” and this particular “despicable attack.”

“Don’t expect an apology,” Rubio said. Democrats “just move on” and “don’t feel accountable to anybody for it.”

“It is a despicable attack, and you know what the evidence of that is? Even liberal media outlets have criticized her for doing that,” Rubio explained. “I think it also is indicative of the levels of desperation that have now entered the Democratic Party.”

Will Wasserman-Schultz resign or even apologize for her extreme comments?  Are Democrats ever accountable for their despicable attacks?

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