During his “Talking Points Memo” Monday evening, Bill O’Reilly railed against Black Lives Matter activists who believe a disproportionate number of African-Americans behind bars can only be the result of institutional racism.

O’Reilly was commenting on an incident in which protesters interrupted  Bill Clinton’s speech to accuse Hillary of racism for talking about “super-predators” back in 1996.

The clash between Clinton and BLM can be seen here …

O’Reilly agreed with Bill Clinton’s initial response, and explained to the Black Lives Matter protesters that a higher percentage of blacks in prison is due to one simple reason – a higher rate of crime committed by African-Americans.

Via Breitbart:

“Now the race question,” O’Reilly said. “Again, according to FBI data, from 1976 to 1995, black Americans were identified by police as committing more than half of the homicides in the USA. African-Americans make up 13 percent of the population. In addition, a national crime victims survey reported that blacks committed robberies at a rate of 60 percent. Again, the black community is just 13 percent of the population. So what’s the beef if black Americans are committing crimes out-of-proportion to other ethnic groups, why is there a racial component to their presence in prison? Why?”

O’Reilly also dismissed the incarceration levels were higher because of drug use in the black community, noting that those convicted on drug-related charges were found guilty of trafficking, not use.

“Also, forget about the drug myth,” he added. “Right now in federal penitentiaries 99.5 percent of drug-convicted inmates are traffickers, not users — 99.5 percent. So the question becomes, why is the Democratic Party caving into propaganda put out by radical groups like Black Lives Matter? It is clear that tough sentencing reform spearheaded by both parties in the 90s and signed by Bill Clinton saved perhaps millions of American lives. Yet the entire criminal justice system is now being branded as racist and oppressive. Disgraceful.”

Watch the memo below …

It’s actually a pretty common argument from liberals – That higher rates of incarceration for blacks can only be due to a racist justice system.

New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman forced colleges to stop asking about criminal history on their entrance applications, citing the same statistics to argue that even asking about a person’s past legal troubles is racist.

More recently, the Obama administration has warned landlords that they cannot ask applicants about their criminal records because it is racist.

Of course, Black Lives Matter and liberal extremists arguing the racial imbalance of incarceration never look at other shared factors for those arrested. Socio-economic factors such as poverty, limited access to education, growing up in single-parent homes, etc., have more to do with a person’s arrest than skin color.

Comment: Do you agree with O’Reilly that there is no racial element to higher rates of incarceration for blacks? Tell us why or why not below?

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