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Judge Orders Documents in Bill O’Reilly’s Divorce to Remain Sealed

By now, most of America is well aware of the controversy surrounding former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. Last month, the longtime cable news host abruptly broke away after 20 years with the network amidst multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

After being dismissed from Fox, O’Reilly has vehemently denied the allegations against him, insisting that the “truth will come out.” While the news surrounding O’Reilly has been fairly negative over the last several weeks, the cable news juggernaut finally got some good news.

O’Reilly has an ongoing $10 million legal battle against his ex-wife’s attorney, and New York Supreme Court Judge Jeffrey Brown has ordered records from his bitter divorce to Maureen McPhilmy and custody battle remain sealed from the public.

This is great news for O’Reilly:

Documents obtained by Dailymail.com reveal New York Supreme Court Judge Jeffrey Brown pointed to the divorce agreement that states he and his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy, 50, will ‘omit or redact confidential information in papers submitted to the court.’

The 67-year-old had vigorously fought to keep McPhilmy’s lawyer Michael Klar from publicly filing the records– which included cheating and abuse allegations. Brown also ruled that the public right to access ‘is not absolute’ and these documents pertain to Family Court records, therefore the majority of them will be sealed in the case.

The court order comes as good news for O’Reilly who was recently fired from his position at Fox following a a string of sexual harassment claims. He previously won a $14 million lawsuit against McPhilmy last year, claiming she made ‘false representations’ in their divorce settlement. Back in December, O’Reilly filed the multi-million lawsuit against Klar in a New York court on similar grounds.

He accused Klar of aiding and abetting fraud to induce him into entering into an unreasonable divorce settlement under false pretenses. O’Reilly claims her lawyer submitted the agreement despite knowing he no longer agreed to the terms of the deal.

Here are some photos of O’Reilly, his ex-wife, and their son, courtesy of Daily Mail:

Bill O'Reilly Divorce Bill O'Reilly Divorce Bill O'Reilly Divorce

Divorces can be extremely bitter, and O’Reilly didn’t want his ex-wife and son to have to have their private life on full display for the public to comb through and dissect. O’Reilly has every right to be outraged at his ex-wife for trying to take away his right to see their son. The former Fox News host is worth millions of dollars, and his ex-wife and lawyer have tried to take as much of his money as possible, but so far O’Reilly has won out in court.

While O’Reilly has had a rough couple of weeks since the controversy at Fox News surfaced, its good to see that his private life will remain private, despite efforts by those seeking to further damage the cable news superstar.

Are you glad to learn that O’Reilly’s divorce records will remain sealed? Share your thoughts below!