Former President Bill Clinton just hung his wife Hillary out to dry in an indirect way. Trust me, when you watch the video below, your jaw will drop.

Hillary had to be one of the worst prepared presidential candidates that ever ran for the Oval Office. Republicans knew it, Americans knew it, and I’m damn sure most Democrats knew it, but refused to accept it. In 2016, her criminal past caught up with her at the worst time and there was nothing she could do to get away from it.

Bill tried to help her whenever he could, but even he couldn’t fix the mess Hillary was making. She never gave the American people a reason to vote for her. She constantly attacked Donald Trump instead of creating a vision people could get behind, which turned out to be the biggest detriment to her campaign.

It was so bad that Bill even recognized it during a graduation ceremony yesterday.

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Former President Bill Clinton appeared to take a shot at his wife Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign on Thursday during the Presidential Leadership Scholars graduation ceremony that included former President George W. Bush.

Moderator David Rubenstein asked the pair of former presidents what advice they would give somebody who wants to run for the highest political office.

“I also think you have to begin with the end in mind. That is you have to say, yeah you got to win the election but why in the heck are you running,” President Clinton responded. “If you want to be president, realize it’s about the people, not about you.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was widely criticized for lacking a clear message as to why she wanted to be President.

Watch the exchange in this video below:

Say what you want to about Bill Clinton, but in this video, he spoke the truth. It just so happens the truth is something Hillary Clinton is immune to.

It was reported that towards the end of last year’s campaign, Bill vented his frustrations about his wife’s campaign’s failure to reach out to working and middle class Americans. He was, of course, shot down by his wife’s handlers, all of whom are hopefully panhandling on a street corner somewhere in Brooklyn today.

Something tells me Bill was probably thinking about Trump, but in an indirect way he was invoking his wife, and he will probably hear about it when he gets home.

Was Bill Clinton Attacking Hillary With His Comments?

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