Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor: Border Should Be ‘Inviolate’ … Ukraine’s Border That Is

The Biden administration's Deputy National Security Advisor believes borders should be "inviolate" and that "our sovereignty" should be respected. The problem being, he was discussing Ukraine's border, not the United States.

Jonathan Finer, the Biden administration’s Deputy National Security Advisor, believes borders should be “inviolate” and that “our sovereignty” should be respected.

The problem being, he was discussing Ukraine’s border, not ours – which has seen record illegal crossings under Biden.

Finer made the comments, a defense of intervening in Ukraine-Russia tensions, during an interview with CNN. His assessment of the necessity of a nation’s border security was something that should be applied to America’s borders.

That it wasn’t says much about America’s political class and their priorities.

“Why should Americans care about what’s happening in Ukraine?” host John Berman asked.

“Because it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations, which is that our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected,” he replied.

It is curious why Finer and the Biden administration believe this applies to Ukraine but not the country they are tasked with securing.

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Some Borders Are Inviolate

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson slammed Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer for focusing on Ukraine’s border knowing full-well the southern border of the United States is being overrun.

“Our borders should be inviolate. Our sovereignty should be respected, meaning Ukraine’s,” Carlson said. “That man was Jonathan Finer. He’s Biden’s deputy national security advisor.”

Tucker criticized him for having no experience to hold his current job but added, “One thing Jonathan Finer has learned along the way is that Ukrainian borders matter. If you cross without permission, you’ll be droned into the next life.”

Carlson went on to note that ‘border czar’ Kamala Harris has made strikingly similar comments about the border … Ukraine’s border.

“The bottom line is that we have been clear and consistent for quite some time that we respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, and we expect that Russia would do the same and any aggressive action taken by Vladimir Putin will be met with severe consequences,” she told reporters.

“Again, you should know that Kamala Harris is not talking about our border here in the U.S. She’s talking about the Ukrainian border,” the Fox News host explained.

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US Sovereignty Not Being Respected

The comments by Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor and Vice President come as statistics indicate the United States has suffered the worst December numbers at the border in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) history.

According to CBP statistics, there were 178,840 illegal immigrants apprehended at the border in December, breaking the previous record under DHS for that month by over 100,000.

All told, nearly 2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border since Biden took office just over one year ago.

That doesn’t take into account how many were not caught.

Why are top officials in the Biden administration unconcerned about American borders but vociferous in their defense of Ukraine’s?

Why is the border of a country in Eastern Europe “inviolate” but those in America are open season?

“Now, what’s the difference between the two?” Carlson asked his viewers. “Well, the Ukrainian border, by contrast, is a place the Pentagon is willing to defend.”

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