Biden: If ‘Climate Arsonist’ Trump Wins, The Suburbs Will Burn Down

Joe Biden ratcheted up the hyperbole to almost laughable levels during a climate change speech Monday, calling President Trump a “climate arsonist” and warning that if he wins re-election, “hellish” events will lead to the suburbs being destroyed.

“If he gets a second term these hellish events will become more common, more devastating and more deadly,” Biden claimed without evidence, addressing wildfires ravaging the west coast.

The Democrat presidential nominee then referenced comments by Trump regarding low-income housing destroying the suburbs.

“We have four more years of Trump’s climate denial, how many suburbs will be burned by wildfires? How many suburban neighborhoods will have been flooded out? How many suburbs will have been blown away in superstorm?” he asked.

Either Biden allowed the Squad to write his speech or somebody spiked his Metamucil because this speech was off-the-wall insane.

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Biden Calls Trump a ‘Climate Arsonist’

The former Vice President went so far as to call President Trump a “climate arsonist.”

“To give a climate arsonist four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised when we had more of America ablaze?” he asked.

Speaking of arson – While Biden wants you to believe the wildfires are evidence of global warming, there is demonstrable proof that they were actually started by … actual arsonists.

Four people have been arrested thus far – two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon and one woman in California – on suspicion of arson in these West Coast areas.

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Actual Arsonists Arrested In Portland

On Sunday, a Portland man was arrested for allegedly starting a small brush fire. He was released and then arrested just an hour later after he reportedly started six more small fires.

Also in Oregon, a woman conducted what was described as a “citizen’s arrest” of a suspected arsonist on her property until the police were able to arrive.

Biden’s comments are a weak effort to distract from the fact that his inability to embrace law and order will do more damage to the suburbs than anything ‘climate change’ might.