Biden Gets Fact-Checked For Claim He Created 800,000 Jobs

President Biden's claim that his administration "created" close to 800,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector was slapped with a Community Notes fact check on X.
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President Biden’s claim that his administration “created” close to 800,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector was slapped with a Community Notes fact check on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“We’ve created close to 800,000 manufacturing jobs since I’ve taken office,” Biden wrote on Tuesday morning.

But the number is misleading. Many critics of the President and his policies have noted time and again that the “jobs created” measure is deceiving due to the recovery of many of those positions post-pandemic.

As such, Community Notes sought to provide Biden’s claim with context that you won’t find on any other social or legacy media platforms.

After pointing out that the number in question had been rounded up significantly from 764,000 manufacturing jobs to start, the added note explains that Biden is “factually correct” but his claim is missing necessary context.

“The Oct. 2023 figure is 175k higher than the Feb. 2020 peak from before COVID-19 forced layoffs,” it reads. “It’s more accurate to say 589k manufacturing jobs were recovered and 175k created.”

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Community Notes Pushes Back On Biden

The 800,000 “created” manufacturing jobs figure is one President Biden likes to use quite often. Most recently, he mentioned it during a proclamation on National Family Week.

In fact, it’s been pushed during several of the President’s speeches spanning many months.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried making a similar claim this past summer in attempting to describe “Bidenomics.”

Jean-Pierre added the even more absurd claim that Biden “created” over 13 million jobs. Her post was met with equal force by a Community Notes fact-check.

“For all of you wondering ‘What is Bidenomics?'” she wrote. “13.2 million jobs created.”

“Unemployment has remained below 4% for the longest stretch since the 1960s. Inflation cut in half. Almost 800k manufacturing jobs created,” she continued. “There’s your answer.”

Community Notes at the time countered, “It is misleading to count people returning to work, after the pandemic, as new jobs.”

A House Budget Committee report from June explains, “Nearly 72 percent of all job gains since 2021 were simply jobs that were being recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation.”

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Trump’s Plan For Manufacturing Jobs

The Political Insider has consistently reminded readers that the “jobs created” spin that is coming from the Biden administration is an inaccurate take on reality.

To be clear, jobs have been created during Biden’s time in office, but not nearly at the level or rate his people are suggesting. A vast majority of what they’re counting are job replacements following losses during the pandemic.

Former President Donald Trump published his platform for bringing jobs back to the manufacturing sector through an America First Trade Policy.

The plan includes higher tariffs on foreign products and an effort to reclaim economic independence from China.

Incidentally, since Jean-Pierre glorified Bidenomics with her Community Note fact-checked post, everyone around the President has abandoned the term.

Internal polling must indicate that associating Biden with the economic hardships hardworking Americans are currently enduring would be a bad idea.

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