Biden Announces That All U.S. Adults Could Be Vaccinated By End Of May

Biden Announces That All U.S. Adults Can Be Vaccinated By End Of May

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that there would be enough vaccine produced to be distributed to every adult in the United States by the end of May.

Biden’s announcement moves up an earlier projection by at least two months, having earlier predicted the end of July as a goal.

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Biden Explains Why Vaccine Distribution Has Been Accelerated

Biden blamed the Trump administration for not producing enough vaccines.

“Let me say that again, when we came into office, the prior administration had contracted for not nearly enough vaccines to cover adults in America. We rectified that,” the president claimed.

Biden said that speeding up the ability to inoculate more Americans has been accomplished through a unique partnership involving vaccine manufacturing by Merck and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being approved quickly.

These actions mean the expectations for vaccine distribution have been accelerated.

Team Biden had previously set a goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in the president’s first 100 days in the White House. 

Biden added during his remarks on Tuesday, “About three weeks ago we were able to say that we’ll have enough vaccine supply for adults by the end of July.”

Biden: ‘I’ll Say It Again, For Every Adult In America By The End Of May’

“I’m pleased to announce today that as a consequence of the stepped up process that I’ve ordered and just outlined this country will have enough vaccine supply, I’ll say it again, for every adult in America by the end of May,” Biden added.

“By the end of May,” he emphasized. “That’s progress.”

The Biden administration had claimed that the Trump administration had ended without leaving them with a plan for vaccinations production and distribution.

White House Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain told NBC’s “Meet the Press” in late January, “The process to distribute the vaccine, particularly outside of nursing homes and hospitals out into the community as a whole, did not really exist when we came into the White House.”

Obviously that was not the case given the progress to date.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci debunked that White House narrative.

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“We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci said after conveying Biden’s plan going forward,” Fauci said at a press briefing later in the day.

Vaccines rolling out sooner to all Americans is good news, no matter how we arrived at this point.

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