Bernie-Supporting Congressman Ro Khanna Defends Ex-Hunter Biden Partner Tony Bobulinski

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With the exception of Fox News and conservative media, the liberal media blackout of Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski coming forward with allegations of corruption continues, including the left attacking Bobulinski as a “partisan hack.”

But it turns out Bobulinski donates to many Democratic leaders, including Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna, who is defending Bobulinski against these charges.

Khanna Defends Bobulinski

Fox News reported Friday, “Critics have slammed Bobulinski for going public with the accusations and documents — with some accusing him of being a partisan of trying to take down Biden — but the businessman has maintained that the ‘American people should be demanding that this is investigated.”

The report added, “Donor records show that Bobulinski has contributed money to Democrats — including multiple times to Khanna, a California lawmaker, since 2013.”

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Fox News reported that it had obtained a supportive email from Khanna to Bobulinski on Friday.

“Tony, hope you are doing okay,” Rep. Khanna wrote.

“I did give an on the record statement to The NY Times that I know you, you have always acted honorably with me, and you and other family members supported me.”

“I have told any media outlets that have asked the same thing,” the Democrat added.

Khanna said that he has “refused to comment on the details of your allegations because I don’t have personal knowledge about that, but have said I respect your service to our country and that you have never been a ‘partisan hack’ in our interactions and have talked about putting country over party.”

Khanna also addressed the current chorus on the left, that Bobulinski’s allegations make him a “Russian agent.”

“I also have made it clear that I do not think you are a Russian agent,” Khanna wrote.

“I will continue to make that statement to any media that asks.”

What Would Khanna’s Incentive Be, Other Than Telling The Truth?

Think about it. Khanna is not a Republican. Or a Fox News host. Or a writer for The Political Insider.

Khanna is a far-left, liberal Democrat – beloved by ‘the squad’ who he works with frequently

He is so far-left, he was the national co-chair for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

It’s clear that Khanna is no friend to the right, or President Trump.

Would a “partisan hack” who supports Democrats have any incentive to defend Bobulinski other than just wanting to be a decent person who seeks truth?

Not to mention – recall that Rep. Khanna was one of the Democrats taking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to task for not working with Republicans on getting another coronavirus pandemic bill done.

Democrat Khanna Stood Up To Nancy Pelosi On COVID Stimulus

That’s when Pelosi infamously went on a bizarre tirade when she couldn’t adequately answer CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s questions.

Blitzer said to Pelosi in mid-October, “Even members of your own caucus, Madam Speaker, want to accept this deal, $1.8 trillion, Congressman Ro Khanna for example.”

Blitzer continued, “And he just said this. He said ‘People in need can’t wait until February, $1.8 trillion is significant and more than twice the Obama stimulus. Make a deal, put the ball in McConnell court.”

“So what do you say to Ro Khanna?” Blitzer asked.

Pelosi then attacked Blitzer, “What I say to you is, I don’t know why you’re always an apologist. And many of your colleagues, apologists for the Republican position.”

WHAT?! Watch:

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“Ro Khanna, that’s nice,” Pelosi continued her non-answer. “That isn’t what we’re going to do and nobody’s waiting till February.”

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So too bad for the Americans needing aid – Nancy isn’t giving Republicans a political win!

Congressman Ro Khanna was right to call Nancy Pelosi out for failing to lead.

Mr. Khanna is also right in defending a man he obviously knows and respects in Tony Bobulinski – despite the political risk.

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