Bernie Sanders Was Asked If He’s OK With ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants At Rallies. He Didn’t Say No

Peter on November 20, 2019

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders declined to disavow “Lock him up!” chants directed at President Donald Trump when asked during Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate.

When asked whether Democrats should discourage the chants, which have become increasingly popular among Trump opponents, Sanders insisted that the chants rally mean that “nobody is above the law.”

“Chants of ‘Lock her up’ are still heard at President Trump’s rallies today. Now some opponents of the president are turning the same slogan against him. They’ve chanted ‘Lock him up’ at a recent world series game in Washington and at a Veterans Day event in New York. And senator Sanders, at at least two of your campaign events recently. Senator, should Democrats discourage this or are you okay with it?” liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow asked Sanders.

“Well, I think the people of this country are catching onto the degree that this president thinks he is above the law. And what the American people are saying, nobody is above the law,” Sanders said.

“And I think what the American people are also saying is, in fact, that if this president did break the law, he should be prosecuted like any other individual who breaks the law. But at the end of the day what we need to do is to bring our people together not just in opposition to Trump,” he continued, before pivoting to his talking points on climate change, gun violence and the minimum wage.

“So I believe, yeah, we’ve got to deal with Trump. But we also have to have an agenda that brings our people together so that the wealth and income doesn’t just go to the people on top but to all of us,” Sanders concluded.


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