Ben Carson Just Took a Stand for the Confederate Flag

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NASCAR racing legend Richard Petty criticized the racing organization for their ban on the Confederate flag in the wake of a deadly shooting in South Carolina.  As you’ll recall, liberal hysteria reached a fever pitch when the flag was used as a scapegoat for the racist killer’s actions.  It was banned from the statehouse grounds in South Carolina, banned from stores such as Walmart and Amazon, and even led to the Dukes of Hazzard being taken off the air.

Petty said the controversy was just a temporary issue.

“I think it’s a passing fancy,” he said.

So when Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, met with The King, naturally the media had to inquire about the Confederate flag once again.

Carson said that so long as it is flying on private property, then the owners have every right to fly that flag.

Via Yahoo:

He was cautious when asked to weigh in on Petty’s recent comments on the Confederate Flag, a symbol of slavery for many African-Americans and southern pride for whites. The flag is often flown prominently by NASCAR fans before and after races around the country. Petty this summer called the flag debate “a passing fancy.”

Carson told the AP that NASCAR fans should continue flying the flag “if it’s private property and that’s what they want to do.”

Carson’s caution should come as no surprise considering how the media handled his comments over a Muslim candidate for President.

Meanwhile, Carson earned Petty’s endorsement which the Associated Press described as “a significant step for Carson, the only African-American in the crowded 2016 Republican field.”

“He’s very humane,” Petty said when asked what he liked about Carson. “That’s one of his strong points as far as we’re concerned.”

Here’s a short video of their encounter …

Comment:  Should the Confederate flag be allowed to fly on private property?  

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