This was really uncalled for.

Earlier today on “The View”, Meghan McCain blasted liberal host Joy Behar for a cruel joke she made about the First Lady.

Today happens to be Melania Trump’s 48th birthday. So when the ladies of “The View” went about their usual gossipy chatter about Stormy Daniels’ alleged relationship with Donald Trump, Behar couldn’t help being Behar. She cracked a joke about the fact they were talking about Stormy on Melania’s birthday.

That set Meghan McCain off, who instantly leaped to the First Lady’s defense. Check out the tense exchange below:

From Mediaite:

The conservative political analyst and liberal comedian sparred after Behar made a joke about it being the first lady’s birthday.

“That was necessary,” McCain snapped, sarcastically. “Come on! That’s so mean.”

Behar refused to back down, instead directing a personal critique toward McCain. “What was mean about it?” she said, later adding “You have no sense of humor, that’s your problem.”

“Oh, please. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor,” McCain shot back. “It’s because I feel bad for our first lady.”

Behar’s comments were totally out of line. You don’t joke about allegations of infidelity on live national television. Behar has no idea if the allegations about Stormy and Trump are true. Yet she gets a good laugh spreading them if only to humiliate the First Family, all for the pathetic enjoyment of her brain-dead fans.

It’s all so shameful. But, then, Behar has never been one to know the meaning of shame, or why she should feel it. She’d rather make cruel jokes to get a few laughs than be a good person.

Good on Meghan McCain for taking her to task. It’s about time somebody talked sense into the tittering crone.

What do you think? Should Joy Behar be fired for being a crude liberal host? Tell us your thoughts below!