Becker News CEO Reports Multiple Issues With Voting Machines, Mocks “2022 Elections Now Safer & More Secure Than Ever”

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It’s November 8th, Election Day 2022 in America, and social media is swirling with reports of voting issues. Kyle Becker, CEO of Becker News and former Associate Producer/Writer for Fox News summarized the myriad voting issues on Twitter.

Becker’s Election Day 2022 tweet highlights voting machines being down, election running out of paper, and – everyone’s favorite – ballot counting extensions.

Becker followed up his tweet with an imperative for voters in impacted areas to #HOLDTHELINE.

Election 2022: Voting Machines Down In Arizona, New Jersey, Texas

So far this Election Day, reports of voting machines being down in Maricopa County, Arizona, Mercer County, New Jersey, and Harris County, Texas.

Arizona is, of course, ground zero for the crucial governor race between Democrat Katie Hobbs and Republican Kari Lake. Lake has drawn national attention – and criticism – for her unwavering support of Trump and stance on election integrity.

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New Jersey notably flipped four congressional seats blue in 2018. This cycle, Republicans are hoping to regain ground in the House. There are 12 congressional seats up for grabs.

Texas also boasts some big races. Most notably, Democrat Beto O’Rourke is trying to break a 28-year Democrat losing streak in a race for governor against incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Beleaguered incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton is already trying to hold his seat.

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Voting Machines Down in Maricopa County

Conservative activist Tyler Bower tweeted video of poll worker explaining that voting machines were down in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The Arizona native notes that Anthem, Arizona polling location in his tweet is a “DEEP RED” part of Maricopa County.

In fact, the problems in Maricopa County were so severe that the Stephen Richer, the County Recorder, issued a public statement. In the statement the County official apologizes and reassures constituents theirs vote will be counted.

“Every legal vote will be tabulated. I promise.”

The voting issues plaguing Arizona have garnered much national attention. Even President Donald Trump was compelled to record a video message imploring voters to stay in line to ensure their vote.

ALL Voting Machines Down in Mercer County, New Jersey

CBS News confirmed reports that all voting machines were down in Mercer County, New Jersey.

The CBS News report notes, “voting machine company Dominion is working to resolve the problem.”

Earlier today, New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin tweeted that paper ballots were available at all polling location. Further noting, “paper ballots are safe and secure, and your vote will be counted.”

Texas Polling Places Also Report Issues

KHOU-TV investigative reporter Jeremy Rogalski reported that polling site ran out of paper.

Texas-based Washington Post reporter Molly Hennessy-Fiske also tweeted that Harris County polling places “ran out of paper ballots”, noting that a judge might extend voting past 7pm.

Should We Be Surprised by These 2022 Election Issues?

Rusty Weiss reported earlier today on a piece that Politico put out yesterday warning Americans of potential “election day threats”. 

“The 2020 presidential election was rife with allegations of voting machine hacks that were later debunked,” Politico writes. “Yet there are real risks that hackers could tunnel into voting equipment and other election infrastructure to try to undermine Tuesday’s vote.”

With both sides calling into question the results of past votes, election integrity is a topic on the minds of many Americans. So far, it seems the 2022 election will be no different.

Kyle Becker nailed the uncertainty and frustrations shared by many, “2022 Elections – Now safer & more secure than ever!”

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