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Jimmy Kimmel Oscars Tucker Carlson Fox News January 6 editing
March 14, 2023
Jimmy Kimmel used his Oscars platform to push notion of ‘editing’ in an effort to discredit Fox News host Tucker Carlson January 6 footage.
bald eagle
March 10, 2023
Rep. Kat Cammack says the two Honduran national men who shot and killed a bald eagle entered the US illegally thanks to Biden’s open borders.
Woody Harrelson Hollywood Covid Protocols Tim Robbins SNL Monologue
March 3, 2023
Actor Woody Harrelson calls for “absurd” Hollywood Covid protocols to “stop” and Tim Robbins agrees “it’s time to end the charade”.
Communism survivor Xi Van Fleet challenges Nikole Hannah-Jones of The 1619 Project and New York Times
February 28, 2023
Communism survivor Xi Van Fleet and social activist Nikole Hannah-Jones debate “American exceptionalism” and the “Woke Revolution”.
Brad Paisely Volodymyr Zelenskyy new song Same Here Ukraine
February 24, 2023
The new song ‘Same Here’ by country artist Brad Paisley shocked the world with the appearance of Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
Angela Davis Black Panthers descends from Pilgrims Mayflower Slave Owner Revolutionary War soldier
February 23, 2023
Angela Davis, famed Marxist, activist, professor, and member of the Black Panthers, descends from Mayflower Pilgrims and slave owners.
Don Lemon CNN sexist training Nikki Haley
February 22, 2023
CNN host Don Lemon received ‘formal training’ over cancellation for his sexist and agist remarks directed Republican Nikki Haley.
Rosie O'Donnell Ohio train derailment 9/11 EPA response
February 21, 2023
Liberal celebrity Rosie O’Donnell blasted the government response to the Ohio train derailment calling back to how the EPA handled 9/11.
Joy Reid Ron DeSantis Jesus Super Bowl Ads Florida education reform
February 17, 2023
Joy Reid worked overtime this week to stoke the flames of division with attacks on Governor Ron DeSantis and Super Bowl ads about Jesus.
Tucker Carlson Chelsea Handler single childless video Ben Shapiro Jesse Kelly
February 16, 2023
Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro struck a nerve with comedian Chelsea Handler with their criticism of her recent single and childless video.
Satanic Template Satanists Protest child sex change ban Idaho Capitol
February 15, 2023
Protesters from the Satanic Temple gathered at the Capitol in response to a proposed House bill banning sex changes for minor children.
February 14, 2023
Canadian actor Tom Green dropped a video warning people not to let UFOs distract them from Epstein, the Ohio train derailment, and more.