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Eight Little-Known Facts About Barbara Bush

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away at the age of 92. While her death came suddenly, it can’t be said Mrs. Bush didn’t live a long, fulfilling life. She had the honor of being First Lady of the United States, and the mother of another president. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Barbara Bush was beloved by the American people. But here are some interesting facts you might not have known about the matriarch of one of our country’s most significant political families. These are, when you think about it, pretty incredible, and show how complex a woman Barbara Bush was.

1. Barbara Bush’s father was a descendant of Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States. Clearly, American politics was a part of her bloodline!

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2. Barbara and George lost a daughter at the age of 3 to leukemia. Her name was Robin.

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3. Barbara Bush’s hair turned white when she was young, specifically after the death of her mother and young daughter.

4. Barbara Bush wasn’t the only woman to have been both First Lady and mother to the President of the United States. She shared that honor with Abigail Adams.

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5. Barbara Bush was inspired to promote literacy due to her son’s dyslexia.

6. Barbara Bush was suffering from Graves’ disease, an immune disorder that harms the thyroid gland.

7. Bush admitted to suffering from depression later in her life, which led her to focus her energies on addressing mental illness.

8. When Barbara’s mother died in a car crash, she wasn’t able to attend the funeral due to being pregnant. She was never able to get over the loss. The pain was accentuated by that child, Robin, prematurely dying only a few years after being born.

Barbara Bush really was an incredible woman. She didn’t live a perfectly happy life. She suffered, she faced loss, she experienced much love from her family and her country. We should be grateful that someone like her was there to lend comfort and support to our leaders.

Rest in peace, Barbara Bush.

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