Steve Bannon is in more hot water this week. Already, there are rumors he’ll be out of the job come Friday.

And with this latest controversy, Bannon’s ousting may come even sooner.

The White House Chief Strategist gave an interview to the liberal magazine “The American Prospect” in which he trashed some of his colleagues and denounced the “alt-right” as a bunch of clowns.

If President Trump is unhappy with Bannon, he probably didn’t do himself any favors by criticizing other staffers in the White House. Bannon’s remarks don’t exactly present a united front for the Administration.

Bannon initially said he didn’t know the conversation was on-the-record. Now, he’s claiming that he did it on purpose to draw fire away from President Trump.

From the Daily Mail:

Steve Bannon said Thursday that his controversial interview with a liberal magazine writer was a positive for the White House since it slowed down the media’s momentum in covering President Donald Trump‘s remarks about the weekend’s violence in Virginia.

In a freewheeling discussion with the American Prospect, the White House’s chief strategist dished dirt on his internal disagreements with top economic advisers about an ‘economic war’ with China, contradicted Trump’s position on the possibility of a military option to end a North Korean standoff and boasted that Democrats would lose elections if they continued to focus on racial politics.

For a strategist, I’m sure not of how effective a strategy this was. Undermining the Administration you work for is never a good idea.

But Bannon is notorious for his sharp political mind. He’s a master media manipulator. He could be playing the press for fools. We just don’t know.

I guess we’ll find out come Friday.

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