Baltimore Mayor Who Allowed THUGS to Riot Just Made THIS Announcement

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Friday that she would not seek re-election next year, nearly five months after the city erupted into rioting following the death of a man injured in police custody.

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Rawlings-Blake is looking at bridges burned behind her and hoping someone will help her find a future.

The Freddie Gray situation was handled very poorly. She has cost the city millions in damages and destroyed any credibility she may have had.

The people in Baltimore should be dancing in the streets to get rid of this incompetent Mayor. After telling the police to stand down and let the thugs burn and loot the city, she never would have been re-elected

I live in Baltimore, and it’s not just the politicians who are the problem, it’s also the people of Baltimore. They have no respect for the law and their communities.

She should be indicted for incitement to riot. Setting aside areas to loot and burn is at minimum an abuse of the public trust. I also agree with other posters that she will get into “community organizing” because a politician is always a politician.

It’s unfortunate, but the Democratic party has been hijacked by leftist radicals like Rawlings-Blake, how else can you give “space” for a group of THUGS to destroy private businesses? Because of extreme liberal leaders, they have lost over 900 elected positions over the last seven years.

They managed to hold the presidency because black voters voting in highly abnormal numbers were motivated by the prospect of electing a black man. They also secured “white-guilt-liberal” votes for a black man.

This failed social experiment has left the extreme wing of the Democrat party in ruin. I do hope the Democrat party can regain its dignity and rid itself of these social manipulators.

Was this the right decision? Do you agree with the Mayor? Should she he held liable for the destruction she approved to happen? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.


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