This Is The Best Backyard Luge I’ve Ever Seen In My Life!

The name of the game is to have a great winter and hopefully it snows so you can have fun outside. Most dads do not find snow fun since we have to shovel it. But this dad is awesome in so many ways. He built a huge luge for the children to slide down and when you’re watching the video below, it keeps going. This is not your average slide, this is something like an Olympic track.

I know the kids love their father after this and I would too. I was too jealous watching this wishing I had something like this growing up.

From Love What Matters Facebook Page:

“My husband built this 300 foot long ice luge with our kids. We have 15 children who we love and who all love each other. Family is what matters to us. We all enjoy riding our homemade luges each year. We’ve been doing it for approximately 15 years. We began in our previous house, and now that we have a bigger yard, the track has gotten much longer. I’ve included our latest family picture so that you can see what matters to us!”

Watch This:

Do you think I was jealous by myself, read these responses:

Some of these responses were funny. You can read more at the Love What Matters facebook page.

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