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Lizza McEnany

McEnany has only been the press secretary for a few weeks, yet she has already shown journalists that she is not someone they can just walk all over.


“…we trust this lawsuit serves as a reminder to them that they won’t get away with what they are doing.

Gretchen Whitmer

Whitmer says her husband made a 'failed attempt at humor' in asking if he could cut in queue to get boat put in water before holiday weekend.

Milano Reiner

The ignorance of Hollywood liberals continues to baffle the mind.

McEnany Kimmel

Leftists like Kimmel claim to be all about women’s rights, but they only apply this to women who subscribe to their liberal ideologies.

Alyssa Milano

Another day, another time that Milano has made an absolute fool of herself.

Rush Limbaugh

“I’m hoping the cycle that we’re in does its magic, but the day is going to come that it won’t be possible to be here every day. Any chance to do the show, I’m gonna take it.”

Coronavirus Lockdowns

The director of Norway’s Institute of Public Health has just publicly spoken out to say that the country may have been able to achieve the same level of coronavirus mitigation […]

Paul Feig Ghostbusters

Perhaps the so-called “anti-Hillary movement” had nothing to do with the lack of success of “Ghostbusters,” and it just wasn’t a good movie.

Behar Trump

Joy Behar came unglued once again on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” this time focusing her hatred on President Donald Trump’s millions of supporters. She insulted Trump voters’ intelligence when […]

Angry Mob

Many social media users have taken the woman’s side, arguing that this nonsense has gone way too far.

Biden Liberal Writer

The Democrats have sunk this low.