As Trump Was About to Speak at NRA Forum, Someone Threw a Cell Phone on Stage

Individual is now in custody of Secret Service, according to reports

By PoliZette Staff | April 26, 2019

Someone apparently threw a cell phone toward President Donald Trump on stage as he was about to speak at the National Rifle Association meeting in Indianapolis on Friday.

That’s according to a video shared on social media.

The video, taken by Bradley Brewer, an attendee, clearly showed that the object was hurled and launched into the air — and that it then landed on the stage to Trump’s left.

Attendees later said the individual who is believed to have thrown the object was removed from the event.

“A man threw a cell phone on stage when President Trump walked out for his @nra speech,” tweeted Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor.

“He threw it stage left, while POTUS was closer to stage right.”

The Secret Service soon after removed him, her tweet also said.

There were plenty of other tweets about the incident as well.

In a piece on its site, Fox News said that it was told that the Secret Service indeed had a person in custody in connection with the incident.

“They are interviewing the individual to determine whether charges should be filed,” the article noted.

See the full video below of Trump’s remarks on Friday.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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