AOC Gets Goddaughter Into Charter School That She Opposes


In a Facebook Live post from 2017, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) said that she got her goddaughter into a charter school, despite publicly opposing them.

“I Got Her Into a Charter School”

“This area’s like a lot of where my family is from,” AOC told her Facebook Live audience as she walked down Hunts Point Avenue in the Bronx in the video from 2017. “My goddaughter, I got her into a charter school like maybe a block or two down,” AOC continued.

But in a town hall from March 2019, AOC claimed that public education is “one of the greatest gems of public good in the United States,” and suggested that people living in the Bronx are being “incentivized to enroll into a charter school.”

Her democratic socialist base would also not be impressed by her hypocrisy.

“Charter schools act as tools for privatizing education and weakening the power of unionized teachers,” writes the NYC Democratic Socialist Party of America (DSA) in their platform, where they also call for the banning of “the creation of new charter schools, [banning] the expansion of existing charter schools, and transform[ing] existing charter schools into public schools.”

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Private Education for Me, But Not for Thee

It does not surprise me to see a leftist publicly admit that they have their immediate or close family use charter schools or other forms of private education. In my first year of university, I was taught by a lecturer who believed that allowing private schooling was unjust. But, of course, he still sent his children to private schools so that they could have a good quality of education. When asked, I felt he could not properly explain why it was okay for him to give his kids a good education, but then advocate depriving future generations of the same opportunity.

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He claimed that when private education is banned, then all public schools will have far more resources and will be just as good. This is rubbish. Whenever the state nationalises anything, they always perform worse than when it was in private hands. I don’t believe that people like AOC are so delusional to believe that all education will be just as good after their revolution – many seemingly intelligent people profess these views, and so must know the reality of the situation. Private education for me, but not for thee.

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