AOC as Judge and Jury: Impeachment an ‘Open and Shut Case’

Eschewing due process or fairness in any manner, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told MSNBC viewers that impeachment of President Trump is an “open and shut case.”

She made the case before host Lawrence O’Donnell, a man who matches her ignorance and made headlines this past August when he reported a fake news story involving Russian oligarchs supposedly cosigning loan applications for the President.

“The president has committed crimes in public. This is something that we know. This is something that all people know,” AOC said revealing that she knows very little.

The blatant slander goes completely unchallenged by O’Donnell, allowing the former bartender to continue insisting that the President has flat-out committed numerous crimes.

“This is all out in the public,” she said. “We know that he has committed a crime. The question is, how many other people are implicated in this? The question is, how often did he do it? Did he do it in other circumstances? How big does this get?”

In regards to the Ukraine hoax, Ocasio-Cortez suggests impeachment is a “a very open and shut case.”

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Despises Due Process

Aside from already convicting President Trump for crimes he’s supposedly committed in public, something that is patently false and absurd, she is openly advocating to deny his right to a fair process.

On Thursday, she vociferously defended the secretive process being conducted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, arguing that allowing the accused due process would “help potential criminals line up their testimony.”

AOC responded to Rep. Alex Mooney’s (R-WV) assertion that Schiff is conducting a ‘kangaroo court’ by saying, “when a massive crime is committed, the 1st step is to separate witnesses & get their stories to see what adds up.”

‘Massive crime.’

“You know that making these depositions public will help potential criminals line up their testimony,” she added. “Why do you want to do that?”

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Open and Shut

While Ocasio-Cortez cites the Ukraine hoax and alleged election interference with respect to China, there was a time when the phrase ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ and an even lower threshold in her little head.

When asked for reasons Trump should be impeached in a podcast interview this past spring, AOC sputtered, “Like the census, there is you know I can’t even – tax bill. It’s like what can – like there is just so much.”

You try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but when Ocasio-Cortez makes comments like this it’s hard not to think she simply says the first thing that comes to her vacuous mind.

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