Antifa protesters took over the streets of downtown Portland, directing traffic, calling motorists ‘white supremacists’ and threatening those who didn’t heed their demands with violence.

The near-riot atmosphere was set off this past weekend during a vigil for Patrick Kimmons, a black man fatally shot after officers had received reports of people being shot, and he subsequently approached them holding a gun.

An initial video shows protesters blocking a road and directing traffic. On whose authority is anybody’s guess, but the mayor’s office might want to get control of the streets before allowing these thugs to take over.

Using their patented charm and wit, the Antifa members – dressed in black and several wearing hoods – politely ask motorists to take a different path around their protest.

Just kidding … they acted like the uneducated dolts they are.


“Yeah brother, yeah you little white little f***er,” one clearly white man said to a driver. “The First Amendment. Get the f*** down the road.”

Another rotund female Antifa member demanded a driver, clearly agitated by the disruption in traffic, “Just go that way.”

When he questioned her authority, she responded: “Because I told you to.”

In another more harrowing situation, protesters are seen chasing down the vehicle of an older gentleman where they threaten him with violence and hit his car with fists and batons.


This is nothing short of domestic terrorism on the streets of Portland.

“You’re lucky you didn’t hit me I’d have beat your ass!” one of the agitators said to a driver of a pickup truck.

Another portion of the video shows a thug smack the back of a car after it beeps at him.

Honestly, these people are the lucky ones. Had that man feared for his life or safety, he would have been well within his rights to hit the gas pedal to try and get away.

Antifa has a long sordid history of causing violence in Portland.

Several members were arrested last year after rioting armed with rocks, smoke bombs, and other projectiles. In August, a Bernie Sanders supporter was savagely attacked for the crime of holding an American flag.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, in an attempt to cast any criticism of the terror group as racist, made the wild claim that Antifa is “widely perceived as an African American organization” – a laughable notion.

In fact, Politico reports that Antifa and their activities are classified as “domestic terrorist violence” by the Department of Homeland Security. One thing is clear, President Trump appears to be right that the Democrat Party is the Party of Crime. It’s on clear display in Portland.

Do you think these Antifa members should be arrested by law enforcement? Should Donald Trump send in the National Guard to restore order to the city?