A senior adviser for the Lincoln Project recently said that critical race theory was now the “new n-word” for Republicans.

The advisor, Tara Setmayer, made the comments on “The View.” 

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‘The View’ Goes Off The Rails

“So Democrats are very bad at arguing and Republicans are very good at fueling and manufacturing outrage,” explained Setmayer, discussing the GOP’s criticism of CRT.

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in, “So it’s the new southern strategy.” 

“Absolutely!” Setmayer replied.

“So it’s all based on race,” Hostin asked.

Then Setmayer made her outrageous claim.

“We at the Lincoln Project pointed that out in the Virginia race, that critical race theory is the new n-word for Republicans and the southern strategy in 2021,” she said.

“Yes!” responded an excited Whoopi Goldberg.

“But Democrats have to have a good comeback to this, or they will lose in 2022, unfortunately, and that’s the reality because of these politics,” Setmayer concluded.

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The Lincoln Project Is Largely Composed Of ‘Never Trump’ Republicans And Neoconservatives

CRT has been highly controversial particularly because it seems to reduce people to “victims” or “oppressors” according to an individual’s race.

Setmayer has quite the resume. She worked for a time for Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on immigration issues, and once hosted a show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV. 

That she’s now with the ‘Never Trump’ Lincoln Project and attacks Republicans as racist on “The View” is a pretty good picture of the ongoing battle for the soul of the GOP.

Most of The Lincoln Project is composed of former Republicans who have united to help Democrats win elections and oppose pro-Trump policies. 


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