Anti-Trump Author Brutally Exposes CNN’s Brian Stelter And The Liberal Media In Incredible Video

Michael Wolff, author of the new book Landslide, may well have delivered the ultimate insult to CNN's Brian Stelter, saying he is the "flip side of Donald Trump."

Michael Wolff, author of the new book Landslide and several other anti-Trump books, may well have delivered the ultimate insult to CNN’s Brian Stelter, saying he is the “flip side of Donald Trump.”

Towards the end of an interview discussing claims made in his new book, Wolff slammed Stelter and the liberal media repeatedly, telling him, “You’re full of sanctimony.”

Stelter is full of something, and sanctimony is certainly one of many s-words Wolff could have chosen.

“I think the media has done a terrible job on this,” he added. “I think you yourself — you’re a nice guy, you know, you’re full of sanctimony. You become one of the parts of the problem of the media.”

Wolff continued hammering away at the feeble CNN anchor, saying he is “one of the reasons” that “people can’t stand the media.”

“You’re the flip side of Donald Trump,” he said. “‘Fake news,’ and you say ‘virtuous news.'”

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Michael Wolff Slams Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter, needless to say, didn’t necessarily agree with Michael Wolff’s assessment.

“No,” he said in response to the allegation that he is ‘virtuous news.’ “We just figure out what is real.”

Yes, he really said that right after being called sanctimonious. 

And he said that knowing full well he and his network pushed Russia collusion stories for years, suppressed coronavirus lab leak stories for months on end, suppressed stories on Hunter Biden before the election, and ran with an unfounded story about Russian bounties.

Wolff wasn’t having any of Stelter’s defense that he simply seeks out the ‘real’ news.

“Figuring out what is real is not so easy. And most people don’t want to turn to Brian Stelter to tell us what’s real. I’m sorry,” he jabbed.

A usually awkward Stelter could only laugh even more awkwardly at the beat down.

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Punching Bag

It’s difficult to say whether or not Brian Stelter served as a bigger punching bag for Michael Wolff or popular podcast host Joe Rogan, who delivered an epic smackdown just over a month ago.

Rogan mocked CNN for their ratings during the post-Trump era and called Stelter’s show out in particular saying it’s “f***ing terrible.”

He went on to blast Stelter for fawning over White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki during an especially embarrassing interview.

“How about Brian Stelter talking to the press secretary, ‘What are we doing wrong? What are we doing wrong?’” critiqued Rogan. “Like, hey motherf***er, you’re supposed to be a journalist.”

Stelter also took a bigger beating than an Ivan Drago speedbag in 2018 when legendary journalist Ted Koppel accurately predicted CNN’s “ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump.”

Wolff is struggling with his own credibility, claiming in his new book that Rupert Murdoch himself gave Fox News the green light to call Arizona for Biden on election night and that reporter Bill Hemmer gave Team Trump the heads up on the call.

Fox has issued strong statements denying the claims and even Stelter has said there is little evidence to back Wolff up on the matter.

Wolff and Stelter are simply a circular firing squad of misinformation, but it’s fun to watch when one of them takes down the other.


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