Last weekend, a coalition of anti-gun groups, including Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, marched across the Brooklyn bridge, demanding “action” on gun violence. (AKA: prohibition on private gun ownership.) Predictably, they received a bunch of fawning press coverage–so I’m guessing reporters had no trouble getting past Moms Demand Action’s armed security guard.

You can’t make this up, people. This group isn’t the least bit embarrassed that they hire a gun-toting guard to protect them while they rally against guns. Dana Loesch learned this in April, when she got a member of Moms Demand Action to admit that guns come in handy “when people threaten our lives.”


What a hypocrite! Didn’t these same people get the vapors when the NRA recommended schools hire armed security guards after the Newtown shooting?

There are so many issues here. As a mother myself, I have a problem with these activist groups whose main argument is that they are “moms,” and therefore, their Mommy Instinct informs them that we should ban all guns. There’s something mildly demeaning about being expected to take political positions based on your maternal instincts. (And, of course, there’s the implication that if you don’t side with the “think of the children” crowd, you’re a bad Mommy.) It plays into the stereotype that women think–and vote–with their hysterical, quivering, fearful emotions. Are there any activist groups out there demanding gun control or education reform on the basis that they’re “dads”?

Ann Coulter once called out Moms Demand Action’s predecessor, the Million Mom March, for using this tactic:

“The Million Mom March (which infected the nation’s capital on Sunday) was poised to set women’s workplace gains back about 100 years. (The Moms’ Web page adorably notes that the time for planning this event was nine months — and ‘(a)s a mother, I know what can be created in this amount of time.’)… But somehow, merely the status of being a “mom” is supposed to trump facts and linear thinking. That was the theme of the Million Mom March: I don’t need a brain — I’ve got a womb.

And speaking of that, hypocrisy in the anti-gun movement is also nothing new. Million Mom Marcher and anti-gun loudmouth Rosie O’Donnell–who once said that all gun owners should be jailed–lost credibility after she was caught employing an armed bodyguard to protect herself and her children. It seems these “moms” are actually okay with guns, but only in the hands of a big, strong man they’ve hired to protect them.