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Anthony Weiner’s Alleged Underage Victim Writes Letter to FBI Director James Comey

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are getting back together. One could speculate that it has to do with the legal protections against spouses testifying against each other.

They have learned a lot from the Clintons.

anthony weiner victim

Now, as people ask these questions, we’re learning more about Hillary Clinton’s scandals. Back during the election, FBI Director Comey dropped a bombshell that they were investigating Abedin’s emails. Then, we learned that Anthony Weiner had again sent inappropriate messages to underage girls.

One victim penned an angry letter to FBI Director James Comey, after his agents grilled her with personal questions for hours about Weiner. This is the same Comey who has let Weiner off scot-free, while attacking President Trump.

Here is the letter from November, in its entirety:

Mr. James Comey
FBI Director

I am the 15-year-old (now 16) who was the victim of Anthony Weiner. I now add you to the list of people who have victimized me. I told my story originally to protect other young girls that might be a victim of online predators.

Your letter to Congress has now brought this whole matter back into the media spotlight. Not even 10 minutes after being forensically interviewed with the FBI for seven hours, I received a phone call from a REPORTER asking for a statement. Why didn’t you communicate with the local FBI agents that I had just spoken to? They could have scheduled our interview sooner or scheduled a time to interview me later, or change locations of the interview. My neighborhood has been canvassed by reporters asking for details about me.

In your letter, you chose to use a vague approach, meaning the media had to keep searching to try and find out what evidence you had uncovered and how. Every media outlet from local to national has contacted me and my family to get my “story.” Why couldn’t your letter have waited until after the election, so I would not have to be the center of attention the last week of the election cycle?

In his “cooperation” with you and with his love of the spotlight, Anthony Weiner has given information that led to the media finding me. You have assisted him in further victimizing me on every news outlet. I can only assume that you saw an opportunity for political propaganda.

I thought your job as FBI Director was to protect me. I thought if I cooperated with your investigation, my identity as a minor would be kept secret. That is no longer the case. My family and I are barraged by reporters’ phone calls and emails. I have been even been blamed in a newspaper for causing Donald Trump to now be leading in some polls and costing Hillary the election.

Anthony Weiner is the abuser. Your letter helped that abuse to continue. How can I rebuild my life when you have made finding out my “story” the goal of every reporter? When I meet with my therapist next time, she will already know what we are going to talk about before I get there by reading Friday, October 28th, 2016’s New York Times article.

I may have been Weiner’s victim, but the real story here is that I am a survivor. I am strong, intelligent, and certain that I will come out from under this nightmare, but it will not be as a result of your doing your job to protect me. I hope that by making my letter to you public, you will think about how your actions affect the victims of the crimes you are investigating. The election is important, yes, but what happened to me and how it makes me feel and how others see me, is much more important. It’s time that the FBI Director puts his victims’ rights above political views.

— Girl that lost her faith in America

P.S. To all reporters: AP, FOX, CBS, NBC, and all other media outlets, please respect my position and stop interrupting my life!

This letter carries additional weight after the November elections, as we’re learning during this Russia “scandal” that the FBI is not above playing politics. It’s a sad state of affairs when America’s top law enforcement agency is willing to attack the President for political reasons, and it’s shameful that Anthony Weiner seems to have escaped justice.

Anthony Weiner didn’t just cheat on his wife. He broke the law and had access to national security documents on a private laptop. The FBI needs to get their priorities in check.

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