Prosecutors Recommend Anthony Weiner Serve 2 Years in Prison

Disgraced Democrat ex-congressman Anthony Weiner may be going to prison.

Government prosecutors are asking that Rep. Weiner be sentenced to at least two years in prison over his “sexting” scandal. The Hill reports, “Weiner plead guilty in May to sending obscene material to an underage girl last year. As part of a plea bargain, Weiner agreed not to appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison.”

The prosecutors in the case reportedly want the judge to “send a message” to the former congressman.

Here’s my one thought on the matter: Hell yeah!

Anthony Weiner is a pervert. Worse, he’s clearly an unrepentant pervert. He got busted sending nasty pictures before. And then he went and committed this crime afterwards!

Think I’m too harsh? Well, take our president’s word for it:

In truth, sick men like Weiner need help. Being married to a powerful woman like Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, being a congressman with a safe seat, having national recognition – none of this was enough to keep Weiner from “sexting” teenage girls.

In a far more ironic twist, Trump voters should actually thank Weiner. According to Hillary Clinton, it was former FBI Director James Comey’s October letter, announcing a reopening of the private email server investigation, that cost her the election. And why did Comey decide to take another look at the case? Because related emails were found on Weiner’s laptop, which, at the time, was being looked at due to his salacious crimes. Thus, Weiner’s screw-up played a big part in giving us Trump as president.

Something tells me Hillary won’t lose any sleep if Weiner spends the next few years rotting in a jail cell.

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