There’s an idiom that cleanliness is next to godliness. But according to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it’s actually progressive politics that’s next to godliness.

Cuomo is up for re-election and is also mulling a presidential run in 2020. There’s just one problem: the uber-liberal Democrats who have taken over New York have grown to distrust him. So, in effort to pull them back into flock, he decided to appeal to their holier-than-thou sensibilities during a recent interview with Spectrum News NY1.

While comparing the scope of his good deeds to that of progressive darling Mayor Bill de Blasio, Cuomo explained that he believes “progressive politics […] is a function of results” before throwing out this gem: “I believe when you go to the Pearly Gates and our Lord says, ‘Have you been a good progressive?’ He says, ‘Show me the list of what you got done.’”

Considering that “being a good progressive” these days goes hand-in-hand with discriminating against Christian beliefs, it seems unlikely that God would want to know whether someone has been a good progressive.

But that fact is clearly lost on Cuomo, who went on to argue that he’s the holiest progressive of them all. “I have accomplished more progressive results in this state than have been accomplished by any administration and I believe that is factually, objectively irrefutable.”

He also explained why he thinks progressives currently aren’t doing enough to earn the favor of both God and the people. “The reason why people turned on the progressive parties, the progressive Democrats was because they talked a good game but they didn’t produce,” he said. “That’s the fundamental premise of my political philosophy.”

Listen below.

Is it possible that Cuomo is even more full of himself than Hillary Clinton? Now that would truly be a miracle.

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