Ana Navarro Claims On CNN That Liz Cheney Has Exposed GOP As ‘Eunuchs’ Worshipping Trump

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Ana Navarro went on CNN on Thursday to claim that the fact that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) will likely be removed from her House Republican Conference chairmanship is only happening because her colleagues were “embarrassed” that she showed them to be “a bunch of eunuchs on their knees worshipping at the altar of Donald Trump.”

Navarro Sounds Off

“This is not about right or left. This is about right or wrong,” Navarro said. “This is about truth or Trump. This is about convictions or conspiracies. I’m going to tell you something I just want to get off my chest that I’m so disgusted by, so disgusted by two women lending themselves to this political witch-hunt against Liz Cheney.”

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“One is Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, a Republican who has been chosen by leadership to introduce the motion to remove Cheney, and the other one is Elise Stefanik,” she added. “Surely they realize they are window dressing  as women, being used as women because they are backstabbing another woman.”

“Of course. It’s politically ambitious,” Navarro said. “It’s blind political ambition at the cost of principles, at the cost of conviction, at the cost of truth, at the cost of democracy. It is fear. Listen, look, the reason Liz Cheney’s being removed is not because she’s telling the truth.”

‘The Reason Cheney Is Being Removed Is…’

“The reason Liz Cheney is being removed is because she’s embarrassing and humiliating the cowards and lemmings who refuse to acknowledge the fact that Donald Trump lost the election and helped lead an insurrection that breached the Capital on January 6th,” Navarro said.

“They don’t take responsibility for that. They are embarrassed by the fact that Liz Cheney revealed them to be what they are, a bunch of eunuchs on their knees worshipping at the altar of Donald Trump,” she concluded. 

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Calls have grown for Cheney to be ousted from her leadership role ever since she voted to impeach former President Donald Trump earlier this year. She recently doubled down on this by saying “it’s important” that Trump not run again in 2024.

“I don’t think that that’s going to happen,” Cheney told the Washington Examiner. “And I think it’s important that it not happen, given what he did.”

This piece was written by James Samson on May 8, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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