Actress Alyssa Milano is the woman responsible for launching the entire #MeToo movement, calling attention to women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed but have been too afraid to speak up.

But now that former Vice President Joe Biden–who has been accused of sexual harassment and worse–has announced he’s running to become the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nominee, Milano doesn’t seem to think his accusations are a big deal.

Milano says Biden’s behavior with women just represents “cultural differences.”

The Daily Wire reports:

The actress told MSNBC anchors that she spoke privately to Mr. Biden about his suspect behavior with women and noted that she was impressed by the Democrat. Biden told her privately what she wishes “more men in positions of power would say out loud.”

“He said to me, ‘I’m willing to learn, I’m willing to listen. I didn’t realize that I’m too affectionate,'” said Milano.

The “Charmed” star then echoed a line the political Right had been emphasizing ad nauseam: there is a spectrum when it come to sexual misconduct.

“And I think that this brings up a really important question that we really haven’t touched on in MeToo,” she said. “Often in these moments, where we’re hearing these stories, I think it’s importance to emphasize the difference in these stories.”

Milano addressed the accusations from former state Senator Lucy Flores (D-NV), who has accused Biden of sexual misconduct. The actress said this behavior stemmed simply from “culture differences.”

“For me, the thing that set this story — the Ms. Flores story — apart from all the other stories: To Joe, this is a culture difference, because culturally he was raised in a family that was super affectionate,” Milano said.

“For him, this was a realization of, well, everyone sort of grows up in a different household, then maybe my actions make other people uncomfortable, and it was an acknowledgment,” she said. “So I think it was important that it came out and I think that it is important to have men support women and say, ‘I hear you, and I wanna learn and make a change.’”

“I’m a very affectionate person, as well,” Milano continued. “I walked onto set a few weeks ago and I kissed my prop guy on the arm, and I had this moment of, like, maybe that made him uncomfortable.”

“That would have never crossed my mind before MeToo,” Milano added. “So I think we all have to look at our interactions and proceed cautiously.”

The distinctions Milano is making have some validity. But more importantly, do you think if Donald Trump was accused of behaving in the same way Joe Biden has been, Milano would be singing the same tune?

We already know the answer.