Alternate Reality: Democrat Voters Rank Inflation Eighth Most Urgent Issue Behind Climate Change And Racial Inequality

A new poll shows Democrats ranking inflation well down the list of urgent issues facing Americans, behind such pet projects as climate change, racial inequality, and even "something else."
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A new poll released by Quinnipiac University shows a Democrat voter base extremely out of touch with the hardships facing everyday Americans, ranking inflation well down a list of urgent issues behind such pet projects as climate change, racial inequality, and even “something else.”

Perhaps this is why President Biden and his administration continue mocking the intelligence of the American people by pretending they’re saving them money on gas, advising them to buy electric vehicles, and dismissing any opportunity to do anything about the inflation crisis.

In a remarkable polling question that indicates a complete separation from reality, registered Democrat voters were asked to rank a host of issues facing Americans today.

Inflation ranked at just 7% for that particular party. Republican voters had inflation at 44% and even Independent voters had it much higher at 30%.

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Democrat Voters Don’t View Inflation as a Major Problem

The revelation that registered Democrat voters don’t rank inflation as one of their top concerns – they rank it 8th on a list of 12 potential issues – is shocking.

And that shock is buoyed by what they rank ahead of it.

Here is what Democrat voters view as a more important issue to the American people than the high cost of everything they have to buy to feed their families:

  • Abortion (19%)
  • Gun Violence (18%)
  • Climate Change (14%)
  • Health Care (10%)
  • Racial Inequality (9%)
  • Election Laws (9%)
  • “Something Else” (8%)

Overall, inflation ranks as the number one concern for Americans across all political spectrums. It came in at 27%, the only issue to reach double-digits in the poll.

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Democrats And Their Voters Don’t Care About Your Pain

As we’ve discussed on these very pages before, the Democrat Party has been overtaken by extremists who are focused like a laser on climate extremism, the “right” to terminate a viable pregnancy, and stoking racial animosity between the American people.

This poll bears that out.

Literally, across the nation, office workers are discussing how expensive things are in this country, families are making decisions on which necessities in life they can afford, and customers at gas stations and grocery stores are shaking their heads and talking about inflation with the person next to them.

And Democrats don’t care.

They don’t care that they put somebody in office who promised to make the financial lives of Americans as painful as possible by transitioning away from oil and gas and into electric vehicle markets that the average person cannot afford.

A man who sends more taxpayer money to Ukraine every week and vows that the American people will continue to pay outrageous prices “as long as it takes” to fund the war against Russia.

A man who tells the public to its face that your paychecks have gone up when in reality, your real wages have cratered.


They simply don’t care.

Other interesting statistics derived from that poll include the following …

Biden’s approval rating has ticked back up a bit to a meager 40%, with Democrats giving him a 12% jump alone due in part to the celebration of the President’s student loan handout. The false promise of free money, it turns out, is alluring.

Additionally, more Americans oppose Biden running for President in 2024 (67%) than oppose Trump running (62%).

Either way, it seems both parties are seeking different figures at the top of the ticket.

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