President Trump Commutes Sentence of Alice Johnson

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This afternoon, President Trump signed an order to commute the sentence of Alice Johnson, a non-violent drug offender. The news came just days after TV reality star Kim Kardashian visited the White House to advocate on her behalf.

Jonathan Swan of Axios reports:

President Trump has signed a commutation for Alice Johnson, currently serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense, according to a source with direct knowledge. The Washington Post first reported last night that he had been considering pardoning Johnson.

The details: Johnson’s cause was championed last week at the White House by Kim Kardashian West. White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who pushed for Johnson’s pardon, had been in contact with Kardashian West over the past several months on the issue. Per a source familiar, White House counsel Don McGahn is skeptical of the merits of pardoning Johnson.

This was a big move by Trump and shows he’s open to doing compassionate things when someone makes the right case.

Many congratulated Trump on making the decision to commute Johnson’s sentence:

In an interesting turn of events, liberals are now congratulating Trump while trashing former President Obama for not taking this step earlier:

Looks like liberals are finally realizing what most of us knew years ago: Obama was a big fat failure.

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