New York’s freshman representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, reportedly warned moderate Democrats that if they don’t start voting with the extremists of the party she’d be making a list for them to be defeated in 2020.

The radical socialist, who recently claimed she’s “the boss” of the party, upstaged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a recent closed-door session amongst frustrated colleagues.

The meeting was a result of a series of embarrassing procedural defeats at the hands of Republicans. They have been using a procedural tactic known as a “motion to recommit,” in which the minority party is allowed a last-minute opportunity to amend a bill before the final vote.

The latest such example of this was a bill to expand federal background checks for gun purchases which included a provision requiring ICE to be notified if illegal immigrants attempt to purchase guns. A total of 26 moderate Democrats voted with the Republicans on the measure, prompting outrage from the far-left.

You see, further scrutiny of legal gun owners is perfectly fine, but illegals attempting to buy a weapon should be given free rein in the eyes of the left.

Ocasio-Cortez Livid

Pelosi warned members of her party that there would be plenty of tough votes before them as the Republicans continue to try to outfox them.

“This is not a day at the beach,” she reportedly said. “This is the Congress of the United States.”

Ocasio-Cortez however, who has run on a platform of abolishing ICE, was extremely livid that anyone from the Democrat party would dare vote with the opposition on a matter of notifying the organization of illegal immigrants purchasing guns.

A spokesman for the resistance leader said that she warned her colleagues that Democrats who side with Republicans “are putting themselves on a list.”

“She said that when activists ask her why she had to vote for a gun safety bill that also further empowers an agency that forcibly injects kids with psychotropic drugs, they’re going to want a list of names and she’s going to give it to them,” the spokesperson said.

Ocasio-Cortez also issued a threat on social media, retweeting an excerpt from a recent Rolling Stone interview.

“I am tired of people saying, ‘I’m gonna vote the same way as bigots, but I don’t share the ideology of bigots,'” the excerpt reads. “Well, you share the action and the agenda of bigots. We need to hold that accountable.”

She Wants to Abolish ICE Based on False Accusations

The fact behind why Ocasio-Cortez is so livid with her fellow Democrats can’t be understated. She’s threatening colleagues because they dared to vote in agreement with an amendment to notify ICE if a criminal alien attempts to purchase a gun. That is insane.

In the past, the extremist Democrat has even gone so far as to suggest ICE is an organization that “incarcerates children and sexually assaults women with impunity.”

She has accused ICE of violating human rights and even being murderers.

“The president should not be asking for more money to an agency that has systematically violated human rights,” she claimed. “The president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all because right now what we are seeing is death.”

The question now is, will her own name be on that so-called list?

The hypocrite recently voted to fund the organization she claims are serial abusers of innocent people. Sounds like she may have tried to  ’empower’ the same agency she’s threatening her peers for empowering.