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Alec Baldwin: ‘What You See With Trump Is How Hitler Got Elected’

Actor Alec Baldwin won an Emmy for mocking President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” and now the mainstream media seems to think he’s some sort of seasoned politico.

British GQ is the most recent liberal outlet to give Baldwin a platform, and he didn’t hold back.

Here’s Baldwin’s full quote, so there’s absolutely no confusion: “Now, I am by no means comparing Trump to Hitler, I would never do that… What you see with Trump is how Hitler got elected. Someone who will say anything to people because of their economic interest.”

How is that not comparing Trump to Hitler?

As liberals tend to do, Baldwin also went after Trump’s family. “His children are going to have to change their names when he gets out of the White House,” he said. “Everything that he wanted to achieve, the opposite has resulted.”

Try again, Baldwin; I’m pretty sure Ivanka Trump and all her ventures will do just fine.

But if all that’s not bad enough, Baldwin also said he thinks Republicans are so fed up with Trump that they’ll dig for reasons to force him to resign. “How much more are they going to put up with? I don’t think they’ll put up with much more… I imagine he’ll resign,” Baldwin predicted. “I imagine they’ll cite health problems. There might be things that would present themselves so he’d be forced to. And I’m not just talking about tapes with hookers…”

This is just ridiculous. Baldwin’s speculation is baseless and serves no purpose other than to rile up anti-Trump liberals. He should stick to mocking people on television, and leave politics to people who know what they’re talking about.

Do you still watch “Saturday Night Live” since they turned so obnoxiously anti-Trump? Let us know in the comments!