The legal expert and renowned criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz spoke out this week to say that President Donald Trump has at least two or three potential constitutional paths to winning the 2020 presidential election.

Dershowitz Says Trump Can Still Win

Dershowitz explained to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that Trump and his team of lawyers have multiple strategies to win the election against Joe Biden.

“In Pennsylvania, [the Trump team has] two very strong legal arguments,” he said. “One, that the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of election day. That’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court. I don’t necessarily support it, but it’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court.”

“They also have a winning issue in the Supreme Court on equal protection, that some counties allowed flawed ballots to be cured while others didn’t. Bush v. Gore suggests that an equal protection argument can prevail,” he continued. 

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It’s Still An Uphill Battle

However, Dershowitz added that Biden’s vote lead could prevent Trump and his legal team from contesting enough ballots for the president to win.

“The other legal theory they have, which is a potentially strong one, is that the computers, either fraudulently or by glitches, changed hundreds of thousands of votes,” the lawyer said. “There, there are enough votes to make a difference, but I haven’t seen the evidence to support that”

“So, in one case, they don’t have the numbers,” Dershowitz explained. “In another case, they don’t seem yet to have the evidence; maybe they do. I haven’t seen it. But the legal theory is there to support them if they have the numbers and they have the evidence.”

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Trump Needs To Prove Fraud

He added that Trump is currently under the gun to prove a case of voter fraud.

“You need to have witnesses, experts subject to cross-examination, and findings by a court,” he said. “Notwithstanding the fact that there are legal paths to potential victory.”

“I don’t think that the election is going to be reversed based on the numbers that I see at the moment and based on the fact that I haven’t seen the evidence,” he said. “Their strongest case, if they have the evidence, is that computers may have turned hundreds of thousands of votes.”

This piece was written by James Samson on November 23, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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