The New York Times is reporting that Doug Jones is leading in the Alabama Senate race, with all the votes in. The race is over!

Watch the live campaign election night party for Senate Candidate Roy Moore here. It’s being live streamed by Breitbart:

As CBS News reports:

9:45 p.m. Write-in candidates make up barely 1 percent
Write-in candidates are not much of a factor so far in the race — although they could be, if it’s incredibly close. So far, there are only 1,389 write-in votes, or 1.23 percent of the vote so far.

9:22 p.m. Returns show Moore with slight advantage so far
Moore is slightly ahead of Jones so far, although only a handful of counties have reported, according to the Alabama Secretary of State. Moore leads Jones 54.1 percent to 44.3 percent.

8:48 p.m. New exit polls reveal race, gender gap
There is a gender gap in the election. More than half of men are voting for Moore (57 percent), while more than half of women voted for Jones (57 percent). Much of that support for Jones however is from African-American women. White women are still backing Moore with about two-thirds of their votes.

So far, African-Americans make up about 30 percent of the electorate. If that holds, it would surpass the 28 percent of the vote African-Americans made up when Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012. More than nine in 10 black voters are backing Jones.

More voters have a favorable view of Jones (50 percent) than Moore (41 percent).

Of the last-minute deciders — the 10 percent of voters who decided in the last few days — they threw their support behind Moore (56 percent) to Jones (37 percent).

8:25 p.m. Alabama Secretary of State publishes first results
It’s only 174 votes, but the Alabama Secretary of State published its first results at roughly 8:25 p.m.

8:16 p.m. Does Doug Jones have the numbers?
CBS News Political Director Steve Chaggaris talks about whether Jones, at this point, has the votes to overcome Moore’s supporters.

We will update this post as the final results become available. It’s going to be razor-close!

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