Al Gore: Trump’s Overhaul Of USPS Is The President “Putting His Knee On The Neck Of American Democracy”

Al Gore USPS

Former Vice President Al Gore said that Trump’s overhaul of the USPS is tantamount to him “putting his knee on the neck of American democracy.”

The attack appears to be a reference to the killing of George Floyd.

Gore: “An Outrageous Assault On American Institution”

Currently, President Trump is running an overhaul of the USPS with the Postmaster General, Louis De Joy. This, however, does not please the Democrats and the establishment.

Former Vice President Al Gore described the overhaul as President Trump “putting his knee on the neck of American democracy.”

The President is “trying to make it impossible for people to vote by mail,” Gore claimed. “This is really an outrageous assault on an American institution that goes back to the very beginning of our country.”

The comment is obviously meant to incite hatred by comparing the President to the killing of Floyd.

The killing of Floyd has set off months of riots and violence.

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Dem Congressman Demands Arrest Of Postmaster General

Gore’s disgusting comments follows another unhinged interview by Democrat Congressman Jim Cooper. The Democrat demanded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bring Congress back from its summer recess to investigate whether the USPS is being “deliberately crippled” by President Trump.

The “Trump is destroying the USPS” conspiracy has been circulating in leftist circles the past couple weeks.

The congressman added that “if need be, we could even have the Sergeant at Arms arrest the Postmaster General,” if he refuses to submit to a potential congressional subpoena.

“This is completely outrageous conduct to dismantle the Post Office right in such a crucial time in American history.”

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Defense Of USPS Is Only Because Dems Want To Win With Mail-In Voting!

This is really typical of the Democrats and the establishment. They all know that mail-in voting is the only chance that they have at defeating President Trump in November.

Why else would they be so vehemently defending the USPS, a bureaucratic, ancient service, that so regularly messes up their job? How often have you had a package “lost” in the mail? I bet it’s more than once.

No overhaul of this system is allowed by the establishment, especially not one that they can exploit for their own gain. The USPS is now their new sacred cow – if you criticize it, you’re simply evil and want to stamp on democracy.

Expect the rhetoric from the Democrats to become even more radical and unhinged as the election nears.

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