Again, Biden Stumbles More Than Once Trying To Board Air Force One

biden trip up steps
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Joe Biden was back at what apparently is one of his favorite hobbies again on Tuesday.

Stumbling. Specifically up those tricky Air Force One steps.

The president appeared to use a shorter staircase than usual, presumably to avoid tripping and stumbling as he has often done in the past.

But nope, while trying to board Air Force One, Biden tripped.


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What a Trip

Look, the guy is 81-years-old. Maybe he shouldn’t be traveling much at all. It can be difficult.

But that would also mean Biden at his age really has no business being president – something an overwhelming number of Americans believe according to the polls.

The New York Post summarized Biden’s latest challenge with flight steps, “Footage of the near-miss showed Biden saluting US military personnel at the bottom of the staircase before starting his climb at Andrews Air Force Base, Md.”

“About halfway up, the president could be seen tripping slightly on a step,” the Post noted. “Biden quickly gripped the railing to steady himself but immediately tripped on the following step, too.”

Pretty much.

It’s sad – and it’s unlikely to stop – but again, we are all getting older and part of that means recognizing the limitations age naturally puts on all of us.

Being president of the United States is about the biggest responsibility imaginable. It’s not for everybody.

It’s certainly not for every age either, You can’t even become president until you’re above 35-years-old and there’s a reason for that.

Maybe 80-years-old might be a good cutoff limit in the other direction? Biden has obviously already surpassed it.

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Sorry Democrats, It Looks Like Biden is Your Guy for 2024 – Missteps and All

Those predicting that Biden would drop out of the race, being replaced by a more formidable – and more stair-stepping -candidate have yet to see that option come to fruition.

That hasn’t happened. There’s nothing on the horizon indicating that it will happen.

So expect more missteps from Joe Biden between now and November. Both literally and otherwise.

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