After Mueller and Fauci, Democrats Have Latest Hero in the Guy Prosecuting Trump

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Remember how psychotic Democrats were in their temporary worship of George W. Bush’s FBI Director, Robert Mueller?

The same Robert Mueller who lied about WMD in Iraq, which by itself should have made him persona non grata among the left? I certainly remember those heady days in the early aughts, when the left at least pretended to be anti-war. But I digress.

Of course, nobody is going to forget the left’s hero-worship of Anthony Fauci.

But those two giants need to step aside to make room for the next hero in the left’s rotating-love-affair fantasies for the newest anti-Trump hero: Jack Smith.

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The Left’s New Hero Jack Smith

Special counsel Jack Smith is poised to make Mueller (who was of course unceremoniously kicked from his pedestal as a likely Trump plant after RussiaGate spectacularly collapsed) a completely forgotten man.

Smith, of course, is leading the persecution of Trump over DocumentGate and the 37-count indictment of the 45th President. For just what, exactly, nobody really seems to be sure, since the President is the one-and-only chief executive and thus has the unilateral authority to declassify.

Smith, who got his start in the Manhattan DA’s office so you know he’s totally above board, is the left’s new heartthrob.

Readers may recall the goofy (even sexual) short-lived love affair the left had with Mueller.

It produced some of history’s worst fan-fiction, and for some reason gay comic books:

There was a whole industry of Mueller-worship:

Up until the moment he finally had to pump the brakes, of course. Then he disappeared after a flurry of anger.

Anthony Fauci, well I won’t even go into that here. Everyone remembers. Bobbleheads, mugs, etc. Psycho stuff, really.

But now it’s happening again.

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Not very clever to begin with, beloved classics have been appropriated for the last shots at Trump.

But then there’s also this great piece of merchandise informing me that “somebody’s gonna get jacked up!” presumably in the court room.

It’s become entirely predictable, and therefore boring.

Democrats fall in love with a former Republican who has promised to bring Trump to justice.

The case falls apart because they’ve all been premised on preposterousness, sheer idiocy, or just altogether fake news.

Democrats abandon their hero and wait for the next one who is finally going to get those walls to close in on Trump.

The one bright side is that they keep creating merchandise, which is great for someone like me whose father is a junky for kitschy campaign and political gear.

It’s just a sign of the times, folks. That time is just a few minutes to Midnight.

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