After Being Attacked by Israeli Official, Trump Fires Back: ‘No Better Friend to Israel’

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump issued a statement suggesting there is "no better friend" to Israel after critics accused him of praising Hezbollah terrorists.
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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump issued a statement suggesting that there is “no better friend” to Israel after critics accused him of praising Hezbollah terrorists.

As The Political Insider reported yesterday, Trump made comments at a Florida campaign rally in which he described Hezbollah as “very smart” and criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“But Hezbollah, they’re very smart and they have a national defense minister or somebody saying, ‘I hope Hezbollah doesn’t attack us from the north,'” Trump told the crowd.

“So the following morning they attacked,” he continued. “They might not have been doing it, but if you listen to this jerk, you would attack from the north because he said that’s our weak spot.”

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Faced Heavy Criticism For His Comments

Several entities misconstrued Trump’s comments as praise for a terror organization when, in fact, it is clear he’s suggesting incompetence on the part of those who underestimate the terrorists’ cunning.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed Trump’s remarks as “absurd” and characterized them as an “attack (on) our friend and ally, Israel” and “praise” for Hezbollah terrorists.

Presidential hopeful Chris Christie also took time to criticize Trump.

“He’s a fool. Only a fool wouldn’t make those kind of comments,” he said. “Only a fool would give comments that could give aid and comfort to Israel’s adversary in this situation.”

The Joe Biden White House, of course, jumped into the fray by capitalizing on the media’s framing of his comments as well.

And on Thursday, Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi also took aim at the former President.

“Shameful that a man like that, a former US president, abets propaganda and disseminates things that wound the spirit of Israel’s fighters and its citizens,” he said.

Shameful that you wouldn’t do your homework before taking the American media’s reporting at face value.

Trump Insists He’s A Friend To Israel

On Thursday, Trump issued a statement refuting any suggestion that he is not a strong ally to Israel.

“There was no better friend or ally of Israel than President Donald J. Trump,” he said in a post to the Truth Social media platform.

“Under my leadership, the United States stood in complete solidarity with Israel, and as a result, Israel was safe, America was safe, and for the first time in decades, we made historic strides for Peace in the Middle East,” he continued.

Trump added that the world “is in absolute chaos” due to President Biden’s weak leadership, and in a subsequent post claimed “the attack on Israel would never have happened” if he had been President.

Israel has likewise viewed Trump as a friend.

In 2019, Netanyahu vowed to name a town on the Golan Heights after then-President Trump, a thank you for recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the area.

Two years earlier, Trump announced that he recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. He followed that up by officially opening the U.S. Embassy there, a campaign promise that presidents before him were unable to fulfill.

Trump’s administration brought about the historic Abraham Accords – a series of peace deals leading to the normalization of relations between Israel and several Arab and Muslim-majority nations.

Trump had aptly described the Accords as “the dawn of a new Middle East.”

Peace arrangements in the Middle East, prior to that, were largely dismissed as impossible.

“How could ‘Crooked’ Joe Biden, the worst and most incompetent President in the history of the United States allow this to happen?” asked Trump. “We went from the Abraham Accords and peace to unprecedented death and destruction.”

The White House has confirmed 27 Americans died in the Hamas terror attacks. Roughly 1,300 Israelis were also killed.

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