Adam Schiff’s Staff Refuses to Meet with Pro-Trump Constituents Citing ‘Security’ Reasons

When a group of ten seniors who oppose Democrat efforts to impeach the President showed up at  Congressman Adam Schiff’s district office, his staff refused to meet with them. The reason? They said they were worried about their own safety!


Citing a “new policy” on “security,” the staff simply chose not to engage with the group, though it included several constituents of Schiff’s 28th congressional district in Burbank, California. The group of Trump supporters and Tea Party activists had given Schiff’s staff advance notice that they were coming.

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Cold Shoulder

The seniors arrived at Schiff’s office with signs that read “Don’t Impeach!,” “Pink Slip for Adam Schiff!” and “Schiff, is a Shifty Character and a Liar!”

The entire protest was broadcast on Breitbart News’ Facebook page. The entire process that unfolded throughout the day was covered.

“After holding a demonstration on the sidewalk in front of the office building housing Schiff’s office, the group went inside and attempted to meet with Schiff’s staff,” Breitbart reports. “Finding the door locked, they rang the doorbell.”


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That’s when the group was basically given the cold shoulder by Schiff’s staff.

“They were told that they could leave comments for the congressman on cards in the hallway, but that a ‘new policy’ prevented staff from venturing out into the hallway, or inviting the demonstrators inside Schiff’s office, for ‘security” reasons,” Breitbart notes.

Schiff Has Some Nerve

Schiff is the chairman the House Intelligence Committee where the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump is set to take place, though it hasn’t been given the green light yet through a vote in the House of Representatives.

As a high profile member of Congress, part of his job is to meet with the public.

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Beyond that, it is his duty to represent the citizens of California’s 28th district and that includes talking to them when they visit his office. That includes his staff doing the same in his absence.

Do you think if some liberal or anti-Trump group showed up that they would have been treated like this? of course not.

Adam Schiff has already shown his true colors by how ridiculous he has acted throughout the whole impeachment charade. Now he’s reminding everyone he’s a terrible representative of his constituents as well.

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