Acosta Mocks Trump: Getting President to Answer Questions Like ‘Cat Chasing a Laser Pointer’

On CNN Monday, White House correspondent Jim Acosta mocked Donald Trump and his press conference at the end of the G7 summit, saying the president is “like a cat chasing a laser pointer when it comes to trying to get the president to answer a direct question.”

No Respect

“I have to say perhaps one of the biggest headlines coming out of this press conference that we just witnessed here in France is that the president would not be pinned down on this question of climate change,” Acosta said. “He was just asked in the last several minutes whether he still harbors these questions about whether or not climate change is actually happening. He did not answer that question.”

The President was answering many questions, as is the nature of all press conferences.

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“When he asked that question, he went on to extoll the virtues of the American energy industry and how he’s opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge up in Alaska and so on,” Acosta continued. “This was the president touting the energy businesses of the United States rather than clearly dealing with this issue of climate change as the Amazon was burning, as was a huge focus at the summit.”

“The president skipped the meeting on climate change,” Acosta said. So as if often the case with these press conferences with the president, it is like a cat chasing a laser pointer when it comes to trying to get the president to answer a direct question.”


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Acosta’s Long History With Trump

Would Jim Acosta have talked this way about Barack Obama?

This obviously isn’t the first time the CNN host has had it out for the President. He’s even admitted to “showboating” in the past.

When Acosta pestered Trump at a press conference in Japan in early July, the President turned it around on him, making the entire room laugh.

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Fake News Indeed

When Acosta released his new book in May, an anonymous CNN staffer blasted the author, saying that he was shameless and transparently partisan.

“People get tired of it,” the unnamed staffer complained. “Acosta is supposed to be a correspondent reporting the facts but you can’t tell the difference between him and a paid pundit.”

No you can’t. CNN’s idea of a “Chief White House Correspondent” is someone who time and again has shown nothing but contempt for the current occupant of that house.

You would think CNN would be more worried about their credibility every time they put him on the air.

And do they still seriously wonder why people call them “fake news?”

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