CNN’s Jim Acosta Admits to ‘Showboating,’ Says Neutrality Doesn’t Work in ‘Age of Trump’

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta admits that he is “showboating” and “grandstanding” with his style of journalism and also believes “neutrality for the sake of neutrality” doesn’t work in the “age of Trump.”

In excerpts published by The Guardian of his new book, Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America, Acosta writes that his aggressive treatment of President Donald Trump and administration officials “bothers some people” and fesses up that he is guilty of  “showboating” and even “grandstanding.”

The CNN reporter believes, “neutrality for the sake of neutrality doesn’t really serve us in the age of Trump.” Acosta also says Trump’s description of his news outlet, CNN, as “fake news” is  “in his mind, an act.”

So Acosta admits he showboats as a reporter and that he’s not a neutral reporter, but somehow CNN is NOT fake news?

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These excerpts were released a few days after an anonymous CNN staff member said of Acosta:

“Jim Acosta is, a lot of times, asking the right questions but it doesn’t always need to be about him and his grandstanding. People get tired of it. Acosta is supposed to be a correspondent reporting the facts but you can’t tell the difference between him and a paid pundit.”

“The employee added Acosta generates ‘eye-rolling’ throughout the newsroom on a typical basis, but nobody there is really discussing his new book,” The Political Insider reported.

“If we don’t have to talk about Jim Acosta, we don’t talk about Jim Acosta,” they said.

So if CNN insists they are not fake news, that they deliver objective journalism and put real reporting ahead of sensationalism – and yet one of their top reporters is admitting that he himself is guilty of all these things…

Why does Jim Acosta still have a job?