ICE Official: If Democrats Abolish ICE, Minority Communities Hurt the Most

abolish ICE hurts minorities

The Left’s embrace of identity politics has forced them to hold a number of positions that contradict one another. While they’ll champion the plight of the illegal immigrant alongside other minority groups, they’ll ignore when those interests clash.

“The public safety impact would be huge,” ICE Executive Associate Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations Matthew Albence said when asked about the impact of abolishing ICE. “In addition to immigration enforcement that we do, which as I mentioned previously, we arrested 127,000 individuals with criminal convictions and arrests last year. Our Homeland Security Investigations branch does a significant amount of work, all tremendous work, with regard to drugs and narcotics, child predators, cybercrime.”

He further emphasized that it’s impossible to combat illegal immigration with just border control. Something needs to be done to remove those who slipped through the cracks. “These minority communities are the primary victims now because these individuals are involved in gang activity and other criminal activity and generally they commit those crimes against those in the same communities in which they reside.”

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After all, think about the consequences of illegal immigration for a second; lower wages, higher unemployment, and increased crime. Since illegals tend to reside in lower-income areas, and blacks and Hispanics (on average) have incomes below the national average, they’ll bear the largest brunt of the costs of illegal immigration.

As the LA Times noted, “the labor force participation rate for adult black men has declined steadily since the passage of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which ushered in a new era of mass immigration. In 1973, the rate was 79%. It is now at 68%, and the Bureau of Labor projects that it will decline to 61% by 2026.” Furthermore, in 2016, the Obama White House released a 48-page report acknowledging that immigration lowers the labor force participation rate of natives. A 2010 study on the social effects of illegal immigration by Cornell University professor Vernon Briggs concluded that “No racial or ethnic group has benefited less or been harmed more than the nation’s African American community.”

And while the Left likes to pretend being anti-illegal is synonymous with being anti-Hispanic, most Hispanics oppose illegal immigration (and why wouldn’t they, given that most either immigrated legally or are descended from those who did). Despite overwhelmingly opposing President Donald Trump, nearly 60% of the Hispanics “support Donald Trump’s immigration policies” despite personally disliking him.

And speaking of that crime aspect

abolish ICE hurts minorities

If Democrats keep up this anti-ICE rhetoric, it’s only their own base they’ll continue to alienate.

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