A Record High Number of Americans – 90 Percent – Say They Are Satisfied with Their Personal Lives


A new Gallup poll shows that a record high of 90 percent of Americans say they are satisfied with their lives.

The highest record before this in 2003, when 88 percent of Americans gave the same satisfaction sentiment.

Gallup’s “Mood of the Nation” survey was conducted via telephone calls between January 2-15, with a random sample of 1,014 adults living across the United States.

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A ‘Very’ High Level of Satisfaction with the Quality of Their Personal Lives

The Hill reports, “While Gallup doesn’t explicitly define ‘personal life’ in this context, 65 percent, or approximately 2 out of 3 survey respondents reported a ‘very’ high level of satisfaction with the quality of their personal lives. A further 25 percent of respondents polled still said that they are satisfied with their personal lives, albeit saying only ‘somewhat’ as opposed to the aforementioned ‘very’ qualifier.”

Household income, marital status and political party, are among some of the influential demographics behind this year’s report.

80 Percent of Republicans Report Being ‘Very’ Satisfied… Only 56 Percent of Democrats Said the Same

“Naturally, respondents with a higher reported household income more frequently listed a ‘very’ high level of satisfaction with their personal lives, with Gallup results showing about 76 percent of Americans with a household income over the $100,000 mark list being ‘very’ satisfied,” The Hill noted. “Notably, the demographic with a staggering 95 percent reported being ‘very’ satisfied with their personal lives are married Republicans, per Gallup’s analysis.”

In fact, 80 percent of Republicans overall report being “very” satisfied with their personal lives, whereas only 56 percent of Democrats said the same thing.

There were slight race discrepancies, with 67 percent of whites being “very” satisfied, yet only 59 percent of nonwhites reported the same. Regarding gender, 67 percent of men were in the “very” satisfied category compared to 63 percent of women.

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Trump Factor?

It is worth noting that these surveys come in the wake of President Trump’s State of the Union address, where he touted a strong economy.

The most recent Gallup numbers show Trump currently has a 49 percent approval rating, versus a close 50 percent disapproval. Over the late January days between the 16 to 29, Trump’s approval rating rose by approximately 5 percentage points.

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