77-Year-Old Joe Biden is Now the Youngest Male Candidate in Democratic Race

77-year-old Joe Biden is the youngest male candidate in the Democratic presidential primary now that former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has dropped out of the race.

Democrats’ New Blood!

38-year-old Buttigieg had been the youngest Dem candidate, who would have been 39 entering the White House if he had stayed in and won the general election. Current frontrunner Bernie SandersĀ  is the oldest at 78. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is in the middle of Sanders and Biden by being only eight months younger than the Vermont senator. If Sanders won the general election, he would be 79 on his inauguration day.

President Donald Trump is 73-years-old which makes him younger than Biden by four years. Still, Trump is the oldest American president to assume office, at 70 years and 220 days on his inauguration day. The youngest elected president remains John F. Kennedy who was 43 years and 236 days upon entering the White House.

Women Democratic 2020 Candidates are Much Younger

When looking at the women Democratic presidential candidates, the field isn’t much younger.
The youngest is Tulsi Gabbard at 38, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 70. If Warren was elected president, she would be 71 years and 212 days old on her inauguration day. Candidate Amy Klobuchar, 59, announced she was suspending her campaign on Monday and plans to endorse Biden.

Dems: Enough with Old White Males. Also Dems: Vote for these Old White Males!

In addition to the male Democratic candidates all being older than President Trump, they are also something many Democrats have spent years railing against: Old white males.

As much as the Democratic Party sings the praises of diversity, top contenders Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are the kind of old white rich guys continue to say shouldn’t dominate our politics.

As of now, most Democrats will likely find themselves voting for one of these two men come November.

Will Any of This Matter Come November?

It’s hard to believe that even with the oldest president in history currently in office, his top challengers in the other major party are older by a number of years.

Does the age of any of these candidates affect your voting decisions? Will any of this matter to most voters come November?

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