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After 7 Years, This Cartoon Shows What ‘Hope And Change’ Obama REALLY Created

President Barack Obama’s 8 years in the White House are finally over. So what was that “Hope and Change” all about?

This cartoon sums it up perfectly!
Hope And Change

Obamacare has been a disaster, with employers forced to cut back hours and workers incentivized to avoid full-time hours in hopes of keeping their government handouts. In the meantime, insurance premiums for everyone have skyrocketed while insurance companies now sell a product you’re required to buy.

As for the minimum wage, fast food restaurants across America, like Panera and McDonald’s, are replacing entry-level jobs with computers and robots. Minimum wages price young adults out of the work force, where they would have had the chance to learn valuable life skills and earn promotions instead of being unemployed and on welfare.

Dunkin’ Donuts announced they will allow customers to order and pay directly from their app. Not only does this reduce mistakes in orders, it’s the donut chain’s response to higher minimum wage laws:

On Friday, the coffee-and-donut chain announced it is launching a new app on June 6 that will allow loyalty-program members to order and pay via mobile, and then cut the line to pick up their items.

“This is ground shaking,” Dunkin’ CEO Nigel Travis told Business Insider. “I think it’s the biggest service change since we introduced drive-thru. I’m so excited about this, it’s tough to put it in words.”

Dunkin’s new app, available in the App Store or Google Play as “New Dunkin’ Donuts,” allows customers to place on-the-go orders up to 24 hours in advance, skipping the line to pick up the orders inside the restaurant or via drive-thru. Payment is automatic, using the Dunkin’ Donuts card through the app.

Obama was a disaster for America.

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