White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has been a never-ending highlight reel when it comes to putting liberal mainstream journalists in their place.

Whether she was keeping unruly reporters from speaking out of turn or dropping bombs that force CNN’s resident primadonna to walk out of the room, Sanders has been the perfect compliment to this outspoken President and his administration.

She takes nothing, from anybody.

Here are 5 times Sanders managed to level the liberal media in 2018 …

1. Not today, Jim Acosta

CNN reporter Jim Acosta frequently makes press gatherings about himself. He believes he’s far more important to the present day political discourse than he actually is.

During a particularly contentious exchange, Acosta accused the President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, of engaging in violent rhetoric by stating a hypothetical involving James Comey being shot.

After Sanders dismissed him out of hand, Acosta tried to ask another question, effectively taking up time for another, far better journalist. The press secretary hit him with three words that will live in infamy – “Not today, Jim.”

‘Not today, Jim,’ might as well be Acosta and CNN’s motto.

2. Smacked George Stephanopoulos with a dose of Spartacus

In the midst of the insane Kavanaugh hearings, ABC Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos tried asking if the President has a penchant for defending men who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Sanders masterfully turned the question around to remind viewers that two prominent Democrats went unscathed despite their own allegations.

“You know, it’s interesting that you say that,” Sanders said to Stephanopoulos getting ready to load, aim, and fire this blast …

“It’s a lot of Democrats that like to ignore Keith Ellison and Cory Booker … They love to fight and champion women until they disagree with them.”

Sanders was referring to Ellison being accused of physical and emotional abuse by a woman he had engaged in a long-term relationship with, as well as Booker, who, by his own admission, groped a friend in his teenage years.

3. Insulting Jim Acosta’s intelligence

While not a difficult task, Sanders managed to blast Acosta’s intelligence or rather, the lack thereof.

Acosta had just taken comments from then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions out of context in an attempt to smear the Trump administration for continuing Barack Obama’s policy of separating illegal immigrant minors and adults.

Sanders responded by mocking him for finding it difficult “to understand even short sentences.”

4. Sarah Sanders shreds April Ryan

Ryan attempted to debate Sanders at a White House press briefing over the Democrats’ response to President Trump’s State of the Union address. She wanted people to believe that this was part of the way things work in Washington, though nobody quite behaved in that manner for previous presidents.

Sanders leveled her with this response:

5. That time she made Jim Acosta walk out of the room with his tail between his legs

If it feels like we’re picking on Acosta with this list, it’s because we are, and it’s been fun.

The fun is personified in this episode when Sanders refused to play games with Acosta and denounce the President’s comments that the ‘fake news’ media is the “enemy of the people.”

“Repeatedly, repeatedly the media restarts personal attacks without any content other to incite anger,” Sanders said. “The media has attacked me repeatedly, said I should be harassed as a life sentence.”

“When I was hosted by the Correspondent’s Association you brought up a comedian to attack me,” she continued. “As far as I know I’m the first press secretary in the history of the United States that’s required Secret Service protection.”

Because Sanders wouldn’t play the ‘poor me’ game with Acosta, CNN’s star got a major case of the sads.

He then went to his home network and cried about it a little more.

“I’m tired of this,” Acosta whimpered. “Honestly … I’m tired of this. It is not right. It is not fair. It is not just. It is un-American to come out here and call the press the enemy of the people.”

Thank God Sarah Sanders is there to fight back against the media’s sickening bias.