Sarah Sanders Absolutely Destroys April Ryan During White House Press Conference

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CNN reporter April Ryan has made a habit of trying to embarrass White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. There’s just one problem: she’s not very good at it. At all.

Over Thanksgiving, Sanders shot down Ryan’s attempt to discredit her pie-baking skills. And on Tuesday, Sanders got the upper hand again when Ryan attempted to debate her at the White House press briefing.

Ever since the State of the Union, President Donald Trump has been critical of the un-American behavior of Democrat lawmakers; specifically, their refusal to stand during portions of his speech touting historic lows in black unemployment and his comments on the National Anthem. At the press briefing, Ryan attempted to school Sanders by explaining that it’s standard SOTU behavior for Democrats to sit throughout a Republican president’s address and vice versa. “What is so un-American about this, this year, after this has been going on for all of these years?” Ryan asked Sanders.

Unfortunately for Ryan, Sanders’s response was pure dynamite:

“I think its un-American not to be excited about the fact that more people in this country have jobs than they did before, the fact that more people in this country have higher wages than they did before, the fact that the economy is booming like it wasn’t before, the fact that ISIS is being crushed like it wasn’t before,” she flatly answered. “These are things that I don’t care what party you are from, these are things that every American should be excited about and be able to celebrate.”

Boom. Sanders 2; Ryan 0.

And as to the point about Democrat lawmakers not standing for Trump’s comments on historic lows in black unemployment — aren’t Democrats always the ones bragging about how they’re the party that stands up for minorities? I guess that’s just a figure of speech.

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